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To Sophie Strand, 'good soil' is the living nexus of biodiversity and nutrient cycles, a complex tapestry where microorganisms, fungi, and organic matter collaborate to create a fertile, life-sustaining foundation. It is a dynamic, breathing ecosystem, cradling seeds and roots in an intricate web of relationships that nurture growth and resilience. Good soil is not merely the inert medium for plants to anchor; it is the vibrant bedrock of ecological health, embodying the interconnectedness and reciprocity that Sophie often celebrates in her poetic and ecological musings. It is the alchemical crucible where death becomes life, and decay spawns abundance, reminding us that thriving landscapes are built upon the richness of mutual interdependency and the subtle dance of visible and invisible forces.

See also: soil, compost heap, root system, mycorrhizal system, mycorrhizal fungi

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