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Rob Burbea might define the term 'medical model' thus: In his contemplative approach, Rob Burbea might describe the medical model as a framework that views psychological and emotional issues primarily through the lens of pathology, analogous to physical illnesses. This model emphasizes diagnosis, categorization, and treatment of mental conditions much like physical diseases, often relying on pharmaceutical interventions or specific therapeutic techniques aimed at remediation or cure. While acknowledging its utility in certain contexts, Burbea could critique this approach for its potential reductionism, stating that it may overlook the profound depths of human experience, the subtle interplay of mind and body, and the transformative potential of conscious awareness. By emphasizing what is 'wrong' and seeking external solutions, the medical model might, in his view, miss the intricate layers of personal growth and self-discovery embedded within the nuances of suffering.

See also: dependent origination, biological machine, scientific revolution, conceptual framework, western enlightenment

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