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The term 'life force,' as articulated through the lens of Rob Burbea, refers to that profound, animating energy which underlies and suffuses all existence. It is an ineffable, vital essence that flows through every sentient being, each living moment, connecting and animating the web of life in a mysterious dance of presence and impermanence. This force is not merely biological or physical, but also steeped in the spiritual and existential, resonating through the depths of our being, prompting growth, transformation, and awakening. The life force is, in essence, a dynamic interplay of vitality and consciousness, nurturing our deepest experiences and drawing us towards an intimate relationship with the mystery of existence itself. Engaging with this force invites a profound attunement to the vibrancy of the present, opening us to a deeper, more expansive understanding of life.

See also: consciousness, energy body, true nature

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