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Consciousness can be described as the enigmatic yet intrinsic capacity of sentient beings to hold and comprehend experiences. It's the vast, boundless screen upon which sensations, thoughts, emotions, and perceptions arise and pass away, an ever-present field where the dance of existence unfolds. From a meditative perspective, consciousness isn't merely an inert backdrop but a dynamic, fluid continuum that is intimately intertwined with our unfolding experiences. It possesses both illuminating clarity and profound depths, allowing for the possibility of insight and deep recognition. Understanding consciousness involves a continuous exploration, a delicate and felt inquiry into the very nature of our being and the mysterious ground of awareness that is always present yet eternally elusive. It is both the actor and the stage, the perceiver and the perceived, a wondrous and ineffable facet of our lived reality.

See also: awareness, suffering, awakening, emptiness, buddha

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