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An imaginal figure, as conceptualized by Rob Burbea, is a dynamic, symbolic presence that emerges within the realm of the imagination, imbued with a richness and depth that transcends mere fantasy or intellectual construct. These figures often possess a life, intelligence, and autonomy of their own, serving as bridges to deeper layers of the psyche, spiritual insights, or archetypal energies beyond the personal. Encountering an imaginal figure involves a kind of inner dialogue or relational experience, where the figure can convey meanings, guidance, or transformations that are both deeply personal and profoundly transpersonal. Far from being hallucinations or fabrications, imaginal figures are invitations to engage with a subtler dimension of reality, where the boundaries between the self, the sacred, and the symbolic become fluid and interwoven.

See also: phenomenological approach, developmental psychology, conceptual framework, imaginal dimension, imaginal practice

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