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Breathwork, as conceptualized by Jamie Wheal, refers to the intentional practice of using breath as a tool to access altered states of consciousness, enhance mental clarity, and optimize physical and emotional well-being. It encompasses a range of techniques—from ancient pranayama to modern methods like Wim Hof or holotropic breathing—designed to modulate the autonomic nervous system, balance the brain's neurochemistry, and facilitate deep introspective experiences. By harnessing the power of breath, practitioners can navigate the liminal spaces between the physiological and metaphysical realms, unlocking heightened states of awareness, creativity, and connection. Breathwork serves as a bridge to reconnect us with our primal rhythms, offering a pathway to transcendence, healing, and a deeper sense of embodied presence in our hyper-connected yet often disembodied lives.

See also: delta wave, peak experience, altered state, nitrous oxide, vagal nerve

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