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Indigenous realities, as understood through the lens of Bayo Akomolafe, are the complex, dynamic, and interwoven tapestries of existence that emerge from the reciprocal relationships between Indigenous peoples and their ancestral lands, cultural practices, rituals, and cosmologies. These realities transcend linear time and objective space, embracing a multiplicity of ways of knowing, being, and becoming that defy the dominant paradigms of modernity. They are storied landscapes imbued with sacredness, resilience, and a profound sense of interconnectedness with all beings, human and more-than-human. Indigenous realities honor the wisdom of the ancestors, the power of community, and the ongoing dialogues between the past, present, and future, embodying a holistic and deeply rooted approach to life that challenges and enriches the mainstream narratives of existence.

See also: indigenous traditions, intergenerational trauma, spiritual practice, colonial order

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