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Sophie Strand, with her lyrical and deeply philosophical approach to neuroscience, would define sensory gating as the brain's intricate ballet of allowing some sensory information to take center stage while shrouding others behind the curtain of consciousness. Sensory gating is the neural chisel that sculpts our experience of the world, filtering out superfluous stimuli to allow the essence of our reality to emerge with clarity. It's as if our senses are woven into a porous tapestry, where certain threads are carefully selected and others subtly set aside, creating a coherent and manageable portrayal of our surroundings. This dynamic dance of filtration not only allows us to maintain focus amidst the cacophony of sensory inputs but also plays a pivotal role in how we adapt and respond to our ever-changing environment.

See also: nervous system, mycorrhizal system, mythic masculine, sacred feminine, ecological niche

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