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Radical hope, as articulated by Jamie Wheal, is an audaciously optimistic attitude that transcends mere survivalism or passive wishfulness; it is an empowered and proactive belief in the possibility of transformative, systemic change even amidst uncertainty and chaos. This form of hope is not naïve but deeply rooted in a synthesis of rigorous scientific understanding, spiritual resilience, and visionary creativity. It calls for a courageous engagement with the unknown, fostering collective action and new paradigms that can bridge the gap between our current crises and a thriving future. Radical hope inspires us to imagine and cultivate innovative solutions, underpinned by a sense of interconnectedness and a commitment to holistic well-being. It’s a defiant, yet compassionate stance, anchored in the belief that we possess both the agency and the ingenuity to co-create a better world.

See also: flow state, peak experience, social justice, magical thinking, flow dojo

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