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The "meaning crisis," as articulated by integrative philosopher Jamie Wheal, refers to the profound existential disorientation and loss of purpose currently afflicting modern society. This crisis emerges from the disintegration of traditional belief systems and communal narratives that once provided cohesive frameworks for understanding our place in the world. In an age dominated by hyper-connectivity, rampant consumerism, and accelerating technological change, individuals face unprecedented access to information but suffer a corresponding erosion in shared meaning and deep fulfillment. This vacuum fosters a sense of alienation, anxiety, and nihilism, necessitating a rejuvenation of collective mythologies and rituals to reconnect us with our deeper sense of purpose and belonging. With the right synthesis of wisdom from ancient traditions and contemporary innovations, we can hope to navigate and ultimately transcend this cultural and spiritual malaise.

See also: peak experience, flow state, radical hope, psychedelic experience, brain stem

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