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Delta waves are the brain's symphony of the deep subconscious, the slow, high-amplitude brainwaves that resonate below 4 Hz and weave the fabric of our deepest restorative sleep states. These waves are the silent orchestrators of rejuvenation, facilitating profound physiological and psychological healing. Within their embrace, the mind taps into the bioelectric calm of regenerative rest, allowing us to integrate and process the experiences of wakefulness. They are the tidal force that washes through our neural networks, purging the detritus of the day and replenishing our cognitive reserves. In the delta state, consciousness merges with the primordial wellspring of creativity and intuition, embodying the wisdom of the body's intrinsic healing rhythms. Jamie Wheal might say it's here that we touch the ineffable, the transcendent spaces where the ego dissolves and the deeper truths of our existence whisper their subtle guidance.

See also: nervous system, brain stem, peak experience, altered state

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