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According to Bayo Akomolafe, "white supremacy" is an insidious, deeply ingrained ideology that posits the superiority of white people over other racial groups, not as a mere collection of beliefs but as a pervasive force that shapes realities on multiple dimensions. This construct operates stealthily, embedding itself within institutions, cultures, and psyches, often masquerading as norms, policies, or even benevolent intentions. It perpetuates systemic inequities and manipulates social narratives to normalize and maintain the disproportionate distribution of power and resources. For Akomolafe, understanding white supremacy involves an expansive awareness of its shadowy operations and a commitment to unsettling its entrenched mechanisms by envisioning and enacting transformative futures that transcend dichotomous thinking and embrace interconnectedness.

See also: white modernity, slave trade, black lives, racial justice

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