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White modernity, as articulated by Bayo Akomolafe, refers to a pervasive paradigm shaped by Western Enlightenment values that privileges rationality, linear progress, and individuality, enshrining a Eurocentric worldview as the pinnacle of human achievement. This construct not only marginalizes other ways of knowing and being but also perpetuates systems of dominance and control, rooted in colonial histories and racial hierarchies. White modernity sanitizes complexity into binaries, silencing the rich, diverse tapestries of indigenous and non-Western perspectives. It is a framework that is often invisible to those who benefit from its privileges, operating under the illusion of neutrality while perpetuating inequities and environmental crises. To decolonize thought and action involves recognizing and dismantling this construct, embracing pluralism, and fostering modes of existence that honor relationality, interdependence, and ecological humility.

See also: white supremacy, black bodies, colonial order, modern civilization, late-stage capitalism

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