What is this?

A spiritual practice is the sustained intentional engagement with spiritual practices, motivations and understanding that is both reflective and transformative. It is an exploration of the subtle dimensions of human experience and growth, and acts as a bridge between the inner realm of one’s deepest senses of being and the greater engagement of a life that is also enriching and generative. This practice is often times messy, vulnerable and unpredictable, but it is also imbued with gratitude and discovery. In essence, a spiritual practice is the conscious attempt to tend to one’s inner life and cultivate an intimate relationship with the sacred and numinous.

See also: spiritual direction, sacred activism, intergenerational trauma, post activism, claiming sanctuary

Pat McCabe & Bayo Akomolafe - Trickster, monster, other: new and ancient ways of seeing in the dark 5,644

Spiritual Direction Australian Symposium 4 - With Bayo Akomolafe 504