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'Making sanctuary' refers to the tangible and intangible act of crafting spaces where compassionate refuge intertwines with radical reimagining of possibilities. It is the art of drawing upon ancient wisdom, communal solidarity, and an ethic of care to harbor those who are marginalized, oppressed, or in peril. Yet, it transcends mere protection; it is a fertile ground where transformative relationships with others and the more-than-human world can flourish. This practice challenges hegemonic norms, inviting a deeper engagement with vulnerability, coexistence, and mutual aid. It is an ongoing, fluid process of carving out realms of safety that enable not just survival, but the thriving of diverse life forms in an unpredictable world. In this ethos, sanctuary becomes an act of courageous compassion, a collective resistance against systemic injustices, and a humble acknowledgment of our intricate interdependencies.

See also: claim sanctuary, post activism, black bodies, white supremacy, intergenerational trauma

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