What is this?

Making Sanctuary is an act of conscious attention and purposeful affirmative engagement: one that recognizes and amplifies the mutual, mutually accountable, and mutually generative possibilities within a given ecology. Making Sanctuary is about responding to a site-specific (cultural, social, ecological and political) constellation with the intention of creating a space that is hospitable to life in all its varied expressions, a space where both security and curiosity are signalled and allowed to take hold. Making Sanctuary speaks to the potential of nurturing relationship with the land, and allowing positions of privilege to open up to vulnerabilities, to allurements, to surprises and to unabashed hospitality. It is about relinquishing the illusion of control to benefit from the bottomless, responsive, and generative engagement that can arise simply when we awaken to the dynamic processes at work within our land and let our presence become an intrusion of embodied invitation.

See also: claim sanctuary, post activism, black bodies, white supremacy, intergenerational trauma

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