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Cosmovision, through the lens of Bayo Akomolafe's poetic and expansive narrative, is not merely a worldview but an intricate tapestry of existence interwoven with the sacred, the seen and unseen, the known and the mysterious. It is a profound orientation, a dynamic dance with the cosmos where every entity, whether animate or inanimate, is a participant in an ongoing conversation. This dialogue transcends the physical, merging myth, spirituality, and materiality to reveal an interconnected web of relationships and responsibilities. Cosmovision is an invitation to perceive and engage with the world not as isolated observers but as co-creators, honoring the rich, multi-layered stories and ancestral wisdom that pulse through our very being. It is a radical act of re-membering ourselves to the earth, acknowledging our place within the greater whole, and embracing the profound complexity of our shared journey.

See also: black bodies, intergenerational trauma, sacred activism, cultural appropriation, indigenous traditions

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