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Climate justice is the recognition that the climate crisis is not merely an environmental problem, but a profound socio-cultural reckoning with historical injustices, systemic inequalities, and entangled responsibilities. It calls for the reimagining of our relationships with the Earth and each other, fostering a deep sense of interconnectedness and responsibility. This term embraces the stories, voices, and perspectives of those most affected by climate disruptions—often marginalized and indigenous communities who have contributed least to environmental degradation yet bear its most severe consequences. Climate justice compels us to forge pathways that emphasize restorative practices, equitable policy frameworks, and grassroots actions, all rooted in the wisdom of diverse traditions and experiences. It is a plea for transformative change, one that nourishes ecological balance alongside social equity, ensuring a just and habitable world for current and future generations.

See also: climate change, black bodies, white supremacy, post activism

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