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Climate change, as envisioned through the poetic lens of Bayo Akomolafe, is less a mere shift in meteorological patterns and more an emergent narrative of entangled existence. It reveals the intricate dance between the human and the more-than-human world, a profound communal recalibration where the Earth speaks back to our extractive tendencies. This phenomenon—an insistent symphony of disrupted rhythms—is the world agitating against the illusion of separateness, urging us to heed the ancient whispers of interdependence. It is an invitation to reimagine our place not as masters but as kin, amidst a planet that is both resilient and vulnerable. Climate change is thus a call to decenter human supremacy and to listen deeply, to find new stories of becoming alongside the myriad beings that co-compose our shared ecological destiny.

See also: climate justice, climate collapse, climate chaos, late-stage capitalism

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