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Black excellence is a concept that captures the capacity of African people, their communities, and cultures to flourish, thrive, and excel. As a celebration and recognition of their pioneering resilience against social and economic challenges, it is an invitation to own and express their genius, to experience and honor their brilliance, and to boldly reclaim their inherent worth and transformative power. In spite of ongoing systemic oppression and discrimination, black excellence is a thought-provoking, inspiring, and courageous vision of a better world that is capable of embracing and celebrating diversity.

See also: black lives, slave trade, white ally, contemporary activism, racial justice

Troubling Notions of Healing & Trauma with Bayo Akomolafe 791

Decentering the Future in the Politics of Foresight - Bayo Akomolafe | GFAC Live! November 22 65