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A 'beautiful world,' as envisioned by Bayo Akomolafe, is a tapestry of interwoven relationships and vibrant ecologies, where the cacophony of diverse voices plays in harmonic dissonance to create a symphony of becoming. It’s a space where the rigid boundaries between self and other, human and non-human, dissolve into a flow of co-constitutive flourishing. Here, beauty is not a static attribute but an emergent property of mutual entanglements, born from the intimate dance of life in its myriad forms. This world honors the sacred ethos of uncertainty and embraces the transformative potential of rupture, inviting us to dwell in the fertile paradoxes and rich ambiguities that animate existence. It is a realm where the whisper of the ancestral spirit meets the rhythms of the present, forging pathways to futures yet unimagined.

See also: climate justice, racial justice, contemporary activism, black lives

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