AI is changing the world.

I'll help you to understand its potential and implement it in your organisation.

I've delivered tech talks and trainings for organisations including:

AI is not just another incremental technological advancement; it's a paradigm shift. From automating almost any repetitive task to transforming decision-making processes, AI's potential is vast and varied. However, this immense power comes with significant responsibility and challenges. I can help you harness the potential of the technology in a safe and effective way.

What I offer

  1. AI strategy development: Crafting tailored AI strategies that align with your organisational goals and ethical considerations.
  2. Project implementation: Hands-on assistance in implementing AI technologies, from initial planning to deployment.
  3. Training and workshops: Educating your team on AI fundamentals, emerging trends and AI risks to foster an informed and capable workforce.
  4. Ongoing support and advisory: Providing ongoing support to ensure your AI solutions evolve with your needs and the changing technological landscape.

My approach

My approach is rooted in a deep understanding of both the technical aspects of AI, and how technology can be used for social and environmental good.

  • On the technical side, I have over 20 years experience as a software engineer, have recently completed a Professional Certificate in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with UC Berkeley, and teach the celebrated Introduction to AI course.

  • On the impact side, I'm a social entrepreneur, experienced facilitator and qualified coach who has worked with organisations including 38 Degrees, Greenpeace UK, the New Economics Foundation, and

This holistic perspective ensures that AI solutions are not only technically sound but also accessible, ethical and aligned with your unique organisational culture.

Step into the AI future

Embrace the transformative power of AI with a consultant who understands both the science and the art of the technology. Let's collaborate to unlock the full potential of AI for your projects.

Professional Certificate in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence