Hi! I'm Stephen Reid, born and raised in London. I attained an undergraduate degree in Physics at Oxford, and then a Masters in Complexity Sciences at Bristol.

I had funding to continue to PhD but at the last minute I dropped out and went to live in Strasbourg, France. After 4 months I returned to the UK and immersed myself in the world of climate activism with the Camp for Climate Action ('Climate Camp').

In October 2010, with friends from Climate Camp, I set up UK Uncut, an anti-austerity direct action group focusing on the issue of corporate tax dodging.

In 2011, I started working for the New Economics Foundation (NEF), a people-and-planet focused thinktank. There I co-founded the New Economy Organisers Network (NEON), a network bringing together campaigners, academics, activists, trade unionists, politicians and others working to bring about a new economic system.

In the summer of 2011 I had my first major drug experience with MDMA at Glastonbury Festival. A year later, I had my first psychedelic experience with 2C-B at Shambala Festival, which inspired a fascination with psychedelics.

In December 2012, I became the youngest ever board member of Greenpeace UK. In 2013 I left NEF and started working as a freelance technology consultant/developer for organisations including 38 Degrees, the Labour Party, the Green Party,, the Living Wage Foundation, Positive Money, SumOfUs, 10:10 and Brandalism.

In 2014, having just returned from Nowhere (the largest of the European Burning Man events), I founded the Psychedelic Society, which continues to be my main project.

Since 2017 I have been fascinated with metamodern/Teal thinking. In mid-2018, the Psychedelic Society started making the transition to becoming a Teal organisation.

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Stephen Reid is a social entrepreneur, activist and public speaker. He is currently a co-director of the Psychedelic Society, which he founded in 2014. Previously, he served as a board member of Greenpeace UK, co-founded the New Economics Foundation's New Economy Organisers Network and worked as a technology consultant for organisations including the Labour Party, the Green Party and Stephen has Masters degrees in Physics from the University of Oxford and Complexity Sciences from the University of Bristol.

Current affiliations

Podcast appearances

Media appearances


Speaking engagements

Jan 2019, Conway Hall
Psychedelics, Extinction and Social Change
Dec 2018, Global Health Film Festival 2018
Panel after screening of Magic Medicine
Dec 2018, THTC Christmas Social
Resolutions for Revolutions
Nov 2018, Parliament Square
Extinction Magic: A Grief Ritual for Rebellion
Oct 2018
Grand Opening of the Psychedelic Society's new space in London
Jul 2018, Boom Festival
Psychedelic Integration
Jul 2018, Noisily Festival
Psychedelics, Nonduality and the Nature of Consciousness
Jul 2018
Launch of the Psychedelics for Mental Health campaign
Jun 2018, Beyond Psychedelics
Psychedelics, Democracy and Reform
May 2018, HowTheLightGetsIn
A Long Strange Trip
Apr 2018, LSD75
Growing A Psychedelic Society
Oct 2017, New Unity
Psychedelics and Mystical Experience
Dec 2016, Conway Hall
The Legal Regulation of Psychedelics
Nov 2016
Launch of the Psychedelic Society of Brighton
Sep 2016, Beyond Psychedelics
Growing A Psychedelic Society
Jul 2016, Conway Hall
Psychedelics and Nonduality
Feb 2016, Cambridge Union
This House believes that taking recreational drugs is worth the risk
Jul 2015
Launch of the Psychedelic Society of Bristol
Jun 2015
Launch of the Psychedelic Society of Manchester
Apr 2015
Launch of the Psychedelic Society of Edinburgh
Nov 2014, Conway Hall
Mainstreaming Psychedelics (launch of the Psychedelic Society)

Peer-reviewed research

Sep 2012, PLOS One
BSim: An Agent-Based Tool for Modeling Bacterial Populations in Systems and Synthetic Biology
Aug 2012, APS Physical Review E
Taxonomies of networks from community structure

Current areas of interest


Metamodernism; teal organisations; Holocracy; solarpunk; digital nomadism

Open communication technology

Signal; Matrix/; Scuttlebutt/Patchwork


DAOstack; Holochain; Aragon; Colony; Native

The body

Bodywork including somatic experiencing, yoga and dance; neuro/biohacking; ayurveda

Shamanism and magick

Plant medicines; song; technoshamanism; breathwork; prayer; ritual magic including chaos magick, sex magick and metamagic; tantra and sexual shamanism; mythology


The nature of consciousness; altered states of consciousness via meditation, psychedelics and dreams; the placebo effect; the unconscious

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