What is this?

A learning community is a model of education that places emphasis on the importance of creating social networks and relationships as a source of long-lasting understanding. It capitalizes on the idea that our collective knowledge and experience is greater than any individual’s and employs peer-to-peer collaboration techniques to spur innovation, engagement, and collaboration in the classroom. It seeks to create an environment of shared learning, with the goal of creating an engaged, diverse and self-reliant society with knowledge transfer that is open and equitable.

See also: social capital, collective intelligence, community building, decision making

Cultural Catalyst Network - Karl Steyaert & Richard D. Bartlett - April 6 2020 341

Bugra Celik & Richard D. Bartlett talk about Microsolidarity in Turkey 176

Cultural Catalyst Network - Karl Steyaert & Richard D Bartlett - April 2020 33