What is this?

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a novel framework developed by Richard C. Schwartz that recognizes the human psyche as divided into distinct parts, or “sub-personalities,” that may develop over time in response to trauma, to responsibilities, and to life experiences. IFS supports understanding and working with these sub-personalities as having their own distinct needs, perspectives, and goals. Each “part” is seen as having an important role in our internal system and is respected and valued; IFS also offers an opportunity to heal conflicts within the self by recognizing and honoring each part. In IFS, we approach internal conflicts with curiosity, compassion, and acceptance and use the wisdom of our parts to form relationships that encourage growth and development.

See also: power dynamics, conflict resolution, hierarchy, emotional intelligence, personal transformation

Cultural Catalyst Network - Karl Steyaert & Richard D. Bartlett - April 6 2020 341

Cultural Catalyst Network - Karl Steyaert & Richard D Bartlett - April 2020 33