What is this?

Emotional turmoil is a term used to describe a state of psychological distress associated with high levels of stress, confusion, and discomfort. It is often characterized by feelings of anger, hopelessness, anxiety, distress, and intense sadness. It is a type of heightened emotional response that can affect one's mood and physical performance, often leading to behaviours such as avoidance and withdrawal from social situations. With regards to mental health, this can be a severe disruption to one's sense of well-being and can lead to further mental health issues in the long run, if not addressed.

See also: emotional intelligence, social justice, direct democracy, transformational leadership

Cultural Catalyst Network - Karl Steyaert & Richard D. Bartlett - April 6 2020 341

Cultural Catalyst Network - Karl Steyaert & Richard D Bartlett - April 2020 33