Stephen Reid

One of the safest and most responsible ways of getting hold of psychedelics is to use a darknet marketplace, and it for this reason I host a step-by-step guide. This article goes into a bit more detail on why using the darknet to obtain psychedelics is better for you and better for society.

You know what you're getting

Since the classical psychedelics are safe, the greatest risk associated with their use is the potential for being missold something else.

Misselling rarely happens on the popular darknet marketplaces, however, due to the Amazon-like feedback systems. If you're buying from a vendor with hundreds or thousands of positive reviews, you can be confident you're getting what you asked for.

Minimises drug-related violence

One of most difficult parts in making the decision to purchase drugs is the knowledge that you may be supporting violent crime in the supply chain.

Of course, drug supply chains are not inherently violent – no one gets hurt in the manufacture of paracetemol or alcohol. The violence of the drug trade is precisely a consequence of prohibition.

The only sustainable solution to ending the violence is an end to the war on drugs and a shift to legal regulation. Users of darknet marketplaces are helping to undermine this war by showing the war on drugs cannot be won. The more people that use the darknet, the sooner we will see a shift to legal regulation and elimination of drug-related violence.

A recent study by researchers at the University of Manchester and University of Lausanne suggests that the darknet is actually already helping to reduce violence, with the anonymous nature of deals preventing physical retaliation and cutting out middlemen.

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