Stephen Reid

I plan to add an original interpretation for every card.

number major arcana swords swords intellect, logic, reason, communication wands wands energy, enthusiasm, vitality, action, inspiration, creativity, the masculine cups cups feelings, emotions, relationships, the heart, the feminine, the unconscious pentacles pentacles practical matters, grounding, the physical, the material, routines, habits
zero 0 fool
ace i magician the ace of swords the ace of wands the ace of cups the ace of pentacles
two ii high priestess the two of swords the two of wands the two of cups the two of pentacles
three iii empress the three of swords the three of wands the three of cups the three of pentacles
four iv emperor the four of swords the four of wands the four of cups the four of pentacles
five v high priest the five of swords the five of wands the five of cups the five of pentacles
six vi lovers the six of swords the six of wands the six of cups the six of pentacles
seven vii chariot the seven of swords the seven of wands the seven of cups the seven of pentacles
eight viii strength the eight of swords the eight of wands the eight of cups the eight of pentacles
nine ix hermit the nine of swords the nine of wands the nine of cups the nine of pentacles
ten x wheel of fortune the ten of swords the ten of wands the ten of cups the ten of pentacles
page/eleven xi justice the page of swords the page of wands the page of cups the page of pentacles
knight/twelve xii hanged man the knight of swords the knight of wands the knight of cups the knight of pentacles
queen/thirteen xiii death the queen of swords the queen of wands the queen of cups the queen of pentacles
king/fourteen xiv temperance the king of swords the king of wands the king of cups the king of pentacles
fifteen xv devil
sixteen xvi tower
seventeen xvii star
eighteen xviii moon
nineteen xix sun
twenty xx judgement
twenty one xxi world

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