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This page lists some habits I'm cultivating/aspiring to, along with an indication of how well I'm sticking to them.

Last updated 30th December 2017

Morning exercises (when I wake up, before doing anything else):

  • 5x20 leg lifts Good
  • 5x20 push ups (currently at 10-10-15-10-10) Good



  • Live with the light: wake up at sunrise, sleep at sunset. At least, no screens after 10pm, lights out by 11pm Good
  • Mindful use of Facebook. Unfollow 1 person/day Good
  • Yoga daily Average
  • Keep a dream log to encourage lucid dreaming Average
  • Meditation and/or breathwork daily Poor


  • Plant-based vegetarian (no meat)
  • Low dairy
  • Few eggs
  • Low sugar, complex over simple carbs
  • Favourite breakfast: muesli (oats + nuts + seeds + fruit)
  • Turmeric + black pepper supplement
  • Drink plenty of water, green tea, some fresh juice
  • Alcohol only with a good reason
  • Coffee only with a good reason
  • Fast from time to time

Cleaning products:

  • Soap/shampoo: Dr. Bronner's (shower only when necessary)
  • A good eco-friendly toothpaste (suggestions welcome)
  • A good eco-friendly shave oil (suggestions welcome)